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Fall 2014 Season



Registration in person at the rink

Saturday 8-23 11 AM - 1 PM





Chipmunk  2009, 2008, 2007


Penguin  2006, 2005, 2004


Beaver  2003. 2002,2001


Cadet  2000, 1999,1998




Rink Status: On

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  ** We are an official 501(c) non-profit organization **

For Information:

Thanks to all our Sponsors for supporting our record number of team this Spring - see who they are


Rink Usage

Date Start End Who
August 25 6:00 8:00 U 14 Lady Flames


Program Rates and Benefits

  • Rate is $100 per player for the entire 6 week program.
  • Program is 5 weeks of regular play and 1 week of playoffs.
  • All participants will receive a T-Shirt with a sponsor name on the front and a number on the back.
  • All participants receive a participation trophy.

Schedule subject to change depending on how many teams

Chipmunk games: 12 Games schedule, 2 games during the week Monday thru Thursday games start 4:45 or 6:00

Penguin games:  1 game during the week Monday/Wednesday/Friday  ~ 6:00/7:10  + 1 game Saturday afternoon  ~ after 12:35 + one practice on Sunday  or Friday night if no games, time is up to coach

Beaver games:  1 game during the week Tuesday/Thursday/Friday ~ 6:00, 7:10, or 8:20 + 1 game Saturday morning before 12:35  + one practice on Sunday or Friday night if no games, time is up to coach

Cadet games:  2 games during the week Monday thru Friday starting times ~ 7:10 or 8:20,  possible game on Saturday – Usually no practices

Penguins/Beavers/Cadet 10 game schedule plus playoffs

Discount: 50 Dollars off the third family member singing up for the season:

  • Three registrations from one family 50 dollars off total 250.00



Hudson Youth Dek Hockey League is a non-profit organization.


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