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Fall 2014 Season


Penguin, Beaver's, and Chipmunks have all been selected.  Coaches should be in contact this week



Cadet team to be picked Wednesday


Season Starts 9-13 Saturday



All schedules and rosters have been posted




Rink Status: On

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  ** We are an official 501(c) non-profit organization **

For Information:

Thanks to all our Sponsors for supporting our record number of team this Spring - see who they are


During Practice there usually will be two teams sharing the rink

·         All kids need to have full equipment to practice 

·         We also ask the practices be organized and control

·        No extra kids running around that are not evolved in the practice, if kids not on either team are in the rink you should ask them to leave  - HudsonDekYouthDekHockey has the rink reserved at all times during Fall and Spring season

Regular Sunday practice times:


Side A

Side B


05:00 PM to 05:55 PM


06:00 PM to 06:55 PM

Animal Adv Penguin (Ed L) Lightning Penguin (Matt R)

07:00 PM to 07:55 PM

Power Up Electrical Service Penguin (Paul M) Martel Construction Penguin (Patrick L)

08:00 PM to 08:55 PM

  High Grade Beavers (Todd C)


08:00 AM to 08:55 AM

Hudson Storm Beavers (Jamie O)  

09:00 AM to 9:55 AM

Knights of Hodges Penguin (Peter D) Arrow Fence Beavers (Jake S)

10:00 AM to 10:55 AM

Bruins Beavers (Donny R.)  

11:00 AM  to 11:55 AM

Corporate Electrical Contractors - Cadets


12:00 PM  to 12:55 PM

Daigneaults Liquors Penguin (Kevin M) Hudson Rec Penguins - (Eric A)

01:00 PM to 01:55 PM


02:00 PM to 02:55 PM

Al Brodeur's Auto Body Beavers (Tony N)  

03:00 PM to 03:55 PM


04:00 PM to 04:55 PM

Leanza Custom Penguin (Ed D)  

05:00 PM to 05:55 PM

Lightning Beaver (Scott A)  

06:00 PM to 06:55 PM

F & C Beavers (Mike F) Hudson Body & Paint Beavers (Steve L)

07:00 PM to 07:55 PM



08:00 PM to 08:55 PM


Hudson Youth Dek Hockey League is a non-profit organization.


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